“Do you want to shrink your downtime? That’s what no-till TifEagle brings to the table. With traditional reconstruction you’re looking at considerably more down time and a lot more cost. We were closed here at Aberdeen County Club for this no-till TifEagle project for just a few days over 8 weeks. And one of those weeks was for fumigating. I’ve had experience with both TifEagle and Champion, and I’d say that Champion is a little more aggressive during the spring transition, but, TifEagle is definitely less costly to maintain”.

Director of Golf Course Maintenance Operation
Myrtle Beach National Co.

•Are Your Greens Good No-Till Candidates?    •No-Till Renovation vs. Conventional Reconstruction      
•Advantages of Certified TifEagle Bermudagrass    •The No-Till Process     •Quality Conscious TifEagle Grower/Installers